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1. Play Bananagrams and Zombie Dice with Writer Sandra Tayler and Comic Creator Howard Tayler!

2. Play Betrayal at the House on the Hill with Creators, Clint & Travis McElroy!

3. Play Betrayal at the House on the Hill with Writer Susan J. Morris!

4. Play Call of Cthulhu with author/editor, James Lowder!

5. Play Carcassonne with Authors Cherie Priest & Diana Rowland!

6. Play Dungeon World with creator, Adam Koebel!

7. Play Magic: the Gathering - Commander Format, with Magic Champion, Mike Turian!

8. Play Mysterium with Authors Bradley P. Beaulieu & Kristen Britain!

9. Play One Night Ultimate Werewolf with Author Melissa F. Olson!

10. Play Pairs Variants and More with Game Designer, James Ernest!